Q. I don't have a printer!

A. You will need to address the situation. Here are some suggestions:

1. Talk to the IT people at your university - they probably have some network printers on the campus that you can access over the school's network. Once you can access a printer, then the program will print as stated.

2. Buy a cheap printer, used or new. They almost give them away these days, and someone probably has one laying around if you start asking.

3. Install a "virtual" pdf print engine on your computer. After you have installed Auf geht's!, whenever you get a print dialogue box (from any application) you select this virtual pdf engine as your printer, and get a pdf file saved to your computer. This file can then be taken (with a RAM stick, for example) to a computer with access to a printer, or emailed directly to your instructor.

Windows: There are a number of these virtual printers available. The main one is Adobe Acrobat, since they invented this format. One free program that seems to work well is Primopdf, which can be downloaded at http://www.primopdf.com. Naturally like any freeware, use it at your own risk. For more options, do a google search for virtual printers.

Mac Users: Mac OS X has the ability to create these pdf files built into every print dialog - go to the Finder's Help menu, and type in "Saving a document as a PDF file" for more information.